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Hunting Properties In New South Wales

There are numerous hunting properties located in nearly all areas of Australia, but some of the best can be found in New South Wales. Located in the south-eastern area of the country, New South Wales contains many different types of habitats in which to find game, including coastal plains, forested areas, and arid desert in the north-western portion of the state. Nearly 80% of the state forests are open to hunters holding the proper hunting permit and other hunting properties can be found in various areas around New South Wales.

Hunting properties in New South Wales can be visited with just your hunting party or a hunting guide that will take you to the best places to hunt. The hunting guide may make all of the necessary arrangements for the hunt, but this is not guaranteed so it is important to determine what you will need and what arrangements you will need to make prior to the hunting trip. Local hunting laws are in effect, even on private property, and each hunter is expected to treat the flora and fauna with respect while hunting in the area.

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Some individuals that are interested in finding the best hunting properties in New South Wales enlist the assistance of the Buckshot Company. The Buckshot Company specializes in connecting hunters with inland property owners that would like hunters to hunt the pest animals and larger game present on their private property. The Buckshot Company arranges all of the necessary preparations, schedules the hunting parties so that there is only one hunting party on a property at any given time, and obtains permission from the landowner for the party to hunt.

Matt’s Sport Safari
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Individuals that are interested in hunting the deer, pigs, and goats of the mountainous regions of New South Wales will find that the fully guided tours conducted by Matt’s Sport Safari on nearly 30 different private properties are just what they are looking for. The hunting party will generally spend two or three days at each hunting property for the length of the trip, making use of the structures present on the land for shelter in the evenings or camping out if the weather allows. Guided hunting parties and certain types of game are available all year round, but the best months for hunting these properties are March through May.

Game Council New South Wales
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Any individual that is interested in hunting game on public land in New South Wales will have to receive permission and a special hunting license from the Game Council New South Wales. There are 182 properties controlled by the Game Council that are open for hunting and reservations must be made for the date and property you would like to hunt either via website or by telephone. There are limits to how many hunters are allowed to be in a particular area at any given time so book reservations early to secure the hunting area that is desired.
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